Episode 83 - 2.22.18

SHOW NOTES - February 2018

Quick News & Quick Takes

Study: Successful CEOs Are More Socially Engaged Than The Rest

Facebook’s U.S. user count declines as it prioritizes well-being

Zuckerberg says he wants us to spend less time on Facebook. Maybe he means it

2018 Edelman Trust Barometer Reveals Record-Breaking Drop in Trust in the U.S

What you need to know about trust in 2018

The Rise of the Expert: And 6 Other Takeaways from the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer

Talking Points Spotlight

The best content marketing you’ll see during Super Bowl week is from a Minnesota brewpub

Explore Minnesota uncorks ‘‘Sota Pop’ experience with Colle McVoy for visiting Super Bowl fans

Explore Minnesota's Sota Pop (Video)

Social Media Marketing Spotlight: U.S. Bank Rallies Local Allies for a Friendly, Engaging #MnNice #NiceOff

Talking Points

It's a Good Time to Work in Internal Communications

Brand publishers should learn quality versus quantity and shut up

The Follower Factory

All Followers Are Fake Followers: A New York Times exposé of a “black market” for online fame diagnoses the symptom of social-media despair, but misses its cause

When does the sh*t hit the (fake) fans for brands?

2017 “State of the Creator Economy"

For Influencers, Instagram Is the Clear-Cut Favorite

The end of the Instagram influencer (as we know it)

Brands are bringing influencer marketing in-house

Talking Points Shoutout

Jen Bowring-McDonough, The Center for Victims of Torture

The Center for Victims of Torture/Website

The Center for Victims of Torture/Twitter

The Center for Victims of Torture/Instagram


Closing Segment

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